Sunday, October 1, 2017

Back to School...

After spending the summer in San Diego with Dad we knew it was going to be hard at home without him.  Seeing him every other weekend for the first 6 months of the year had been hard on everyone, and it wasn't something we were looking forward to for the next few years.  The whole family sat down and agreed that the most important thing was being together, so with that, it was decided that we would move down to San Diego.  

Our plan was to start school in Las Vegas while we put our house on the market and settled our affairs.  Macie, Presley, and I were all looking forward to starting school and spending lots of time with our friends before leaving.

To prepare for our first day of school we all got haircuts to make sure we looked our best.  Some of us weren't as thrilled as others to be sitting at the salon...

Poor Nixon was miserable until his haircut was finished and he was up and running around again.

Macie and I loved being pampered, and always love our hair after it has been done!

On the first day of school there was lots of excitement at our house. After picking out our own outfits and taking a couple pictures we hurried off to school; we couldn't wait to see all of our teachers and friends again!

Presley started afternoon preschool this year, so she doesn't start her school day until 12:45.  Mom is looking forward to having mornings with Presley and Nixon together.

Presley COULD NOT WAIT to walk into school on her first day and see all her favorite people.  

All of us had a very successful week of school!  Mom settled into her new daily routine of packing, cleaning, etc. and we began adjusting to life with homework and responsibility.

All of us had a successful first week of school, but my favorite moment of the week was finding a set of 100 gel pens at Costco- SCORE!!!

Presley and Nixon also scored at the check out when they got some latex gloves.  Mom couldn't help but laugh at the "gang signs" they were throwing up...

The second week of school started our countdown to Macie's birthday.  While we were at school Mom and the little ones ran errands around town and shopped for birthday goodies!

Since life with a house on the market has been a little hectic, I've made sure to help out whenever I can.

Macie spent the day before her birthday letting everyone know it was the last day she would ever be 7 again!

That evening before bed Mom let Macie open Riley's birthday gift.  We all knew she would be over the moon with excitement...

Macie LOVED her cat pajamas (Mom couldn't believe that she actually endorsed a purchase from Justice- and a cat one at that).

Macie woke up bright and early the morning of the 25th!  She was thrilled to find the kitchen decorated with birthday signs, balloons, and decor.

After opening a few small gifts (cat ears from Presley and a cat pin from Grandma Judy were among her favorites), Macie got to eat, per her request, her all time FAVORITE meal...toaster strudels. 

Dressed in cat attire from head to toe Macie couldn't stop smiling.

After a fun day at school with friends, she returned home to find a plethora of surprises.  From mini cakes and presents,

to the best birthday surprise ever...DAD!!!

After a quick party and change of clothes Dad took Macie, Cari, Mikayla, and I to the UNLV soccer game for a fun night with our Vegas United soccer team.

Macie loved watching the older girls play soccer.

It was a fun night with some great friends.  Definitely an awesome birthday for Macie.

The birthday celebration continued through the weekend, with special surprises each day.

On Saturday afternoon Dad took Macie, Cari, Mikayla, and I for a day of go cart racing and arcades!

If that wasn't enough, we spent Sunday at the museum!!!

Macie's birthday weekend was full of fun, and we were sure glad to spend it with Dad!  

On Monday morning Macie wore the t shirt Dad gave her for her birthday and could not have been happier.

As Labor Day was approaching our house SOLD and the countdown to our move began.  We will be in San Diego for the extended holiday weekend and then the real work will begin.  Our move date is set for the 15th of October and there will be LOTS to do before then.  Check back soon to hear all about the fun and the chaos.